Co2 Dynamic Auto Focus Laser Marking Machine Representing Models (DY150Q-3D / DY275W)

Laser Marking Engraving Cutting Machine

CO2 dynamic auto focus laser marking machine is a new machine system for large area marking, it ends up the history of laser join for large area marking. Its application greatly increases the product quality and working efficiency.

  • Adopt imported RF Laser Device of high laser power, with the characteristics of high power, fine laser, high frequency, little power lose, high precision, long life span.
  • Sealed optical system, which prevents the dust from the laser device.
  • Imported Dynamic optical system, ensures the high scanning and marking speed.
  • Water circulated cooled dynamic auto focus system solves the problem of heat radiation of vibration lens, motors and drives, ensuring the working precision and stability under long time work condition.
  • Independent water cooled extending lens, together with other imported lens. Ensure the good working stability and the life span extension.
  • Motorized up & down laser head, which automatically adjust the focus distances conveniently.
  • Up & down exhauster system, which gives sufficient material suction & smoke driven.
  • Working area is optional according to marking requirement.
  • Professional image edit software which is compatible with various format. Powerful controlling configuration al these makes a high speed and stable working.
  • Room sealed machine body design makes safe operation.

Shoes, Garments, Bags & Suitcase, Arts & Craft advertisement, electronic, printing mould and so on.

Genuine leather, synthetic leather, cloth, wood& bamboo, paper, rubber, plastic resin, acrylic and so on.

Laser tube type :

  • Imported metal sealed CO2 laser tube

Laser power :

  • 150W     275W

Working Mode :

  • Plane/Rotating

Laser wave length :

  • 10.5mm

Marking Scope :

  • 600mm X 600mm/500mm/400mm X 400mm/300mm X 300mm optional

Min Character :

  • 0.1mm

Marking line width :

  • 0.1mm

Marking speed :

  • 700mm/s

Marking repeat precision :

  • + 0.01 mm

Supported File :

  • Photoshop, Coreldraw, Autocad, PLT, AI, BMP, DXF, SHX, TTF, and so on.

Pulse frequency :

  • 130 KHZ

Cooling method :

  • Water cooling

Power consumption :

  • 220V + 10% , 50/60 HZ

Control System measurement :

  • 165cm(L) X 85cm (W) X 200cm(H)

Cooling system measure :

  • 540cm(L) X 460cm (W) X 850cm(H)

G.W :

  • 320kg
Product Samples
sample bag
sample shocks
sample shoes
sample high neck boot
sample ladies boot