DY Chenille & Chainstitch Series

Embroidery Machines

Chenille Embroidery Machines and Chain Stitch Embroidery Machines has new type embroidery stitches, which is totally different with common locking type and has more stereoscopic vision and design levels. Its going to be widely used in children garments, home decoration, ladies shoes and cap industries.

  • With maximum speed of 650 RPM.
  • Chenille and chainstitch functions can be manually or automatically shifted.
  • 42 type stepping motors controlling D, H shaft and trimming; heads raising separately for mending embroidery.
  • Needle-table distance has 1 to 10 different levels to get different embroidery effects with different fabrics and embroidery yarns.
  • It can be combined with flat, sequins, easy cording and chain sequins etc.
Product Samples
sample design 1
sample design 2
sample design 3