Computer Shuttle Multi-Needle Quilting Machine

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Our Corporation investigate and manufacture the computerized collar-knitting machine by ourself which called FH-911F it is collected by echnolgthe technology of computerized CMOS chip, made by fine metal needle board, delegate new technology, have steady capability.

This machine would be mostly used to automattically knit woollen sweater or costume accessory, fit to the material include silk, cotton, woollen, terylene, mix-textile and so on, it is able to knit diamond, straight strip, crossband, ribwork, starriness, scale, smooth, single-face and so on.

Maching Knitting Width :

  • 40, 54, 66, 82, 100 inch (special standard can be made by order.)

Gauge :

  • 3G, 3.5G, 5G, 6G, 7G, 9G, 12G, 14G, 16G

Knitting Speed :

  • Two gears shift and timing in any moment (display in operation faceplate), the quickest speed can reach 1.6M/s.

Knitting system :

  • 6 colour can be changed in half turn.

Triangle Board :

  • (Front - Back) triangle board can fluctuate to knit faultessely, system with high aftnd low needles.

Neilbed shift :

  • Shiftable 7 positions (permit to be shifted in same time or different times.)

Design Conserve :

  • knit 6 models, each models can conserve 2700 rows at most (outer design card can be conserve 4 models, and also tranfereable with inner card.)

Automatic Stop Device :

  • Yarn-breaking, spin needle-sever (crash), fabric-fall, yarn -floating, triangle board amplidyne, density amplidyne, shuttle box, neilsbed shift, amplidyne, voltage uniquite (protected by transducer).

Control Sysytem :

  • Model, Step Number, Neilsbed Shift, Sari, Knitting Speed, Piece Number.

Drive Framwork :

  • Model, Step Number, Neilsbed Shift, Sari, Knitting Speed, Piece Number.

Adjust Density :

  • 5 level density

Electrical Source and Amplidyne :

  • 220V, three-line 0.37KW.
Product Samples
quilting machine design 1
quilting machine design 2
quilting machine design 3