DY Auto Camera Positioning Series
(Auto Material Feeding Model, Representative Models DY 160080CCD-AF )

Laser Marking Engraving Cutting Machine

Integration of intelligent auto image capture system and auto material feeding technology makes a new break in machine with traditional and single functions. This model has functions of precise cutting from different angles and multiply moulds setting for different design cutting at same time, which saves times of mould settings and simply machine operation. Together with the application of double head, it realizes multiply functions in one machine, so the application of this machine realizes cos t-saving and usage rate increasing. This model combines several humanization designs, which is the ideal choice for embroidery and garment industries.

Computerized embroidery label, computerized embroidery badge, computerized woven. Trademark, printed cloth, garment, leather, cloth toys, and so on.

Cloth, wool, leather, paper, plastic, rubber, PVC plate, wood, plexiglass, epoxy resin, acrylic, crystal, tile and so on.

Product Samples
auto positioning design 1
auto positioning design 2
auto positioning design 3
auto positioning design 4
auto positioning design 5
auto positioning design 6