DY-Flat Series

Embroidery Machines

  • DY flat series of embroidery machine is designed and manufactured independently by DAYU company and it’s been widely used for the embroidery of garments fabrics, curtains, window gauzes, laces, ornaments and crafts, etc.
  • Models are available from 3 to 15 needles, single head to 80 heads, 450mm to 1500mm Y axis embroidery area.
  • Frame servo motor is available with new control system to realize maximum speed of 850RPM, Minimum speed of 750RPM and 8.0mm needles changing interval, which ensures high working efficiency.
  • Compatible with 3rd Generation Breakage Detection System, which optimizes traditional alternative embroidery and also realizes combination work for grouping embroidery, widened embroidery and extension with more needle bars.
  • Based on flat, more functions are available to be added, such as sequins, simple cording/taping, simple chenille, boring and beads, etc.
Product Samples
Flat Embroidery Design 1
Flat Embroidery Design 2
Flat Embroidery Design 3
Flat Embroidery Design 4
Flat Embroidery Design 5
Flat Embroidery Design 6