Flat Knitting Machine

Knitting Machines

Our Corporation investigate and manufacture the knitting machine by ourself which called F22 summary computerized flat knitting machine, it's knitting system adopt single carriage with single systems. The machine's control interface collocate LCD menu from , make the operation became easy to mastery.

This machine would be mostly used to automatically knit woolen sweater,fit to the material include silk, cotton, woolen, terylene, mix-textile and so on, it is able to knit double face jacquard, single-face jacquard, single face and no dashed jacquard, pick hole, wring flower and so on, include well-regulated design and ruleless design.

Highlight of Product : absolutely cost-efficient as compared with paralled products, reducing the cost of buyers, making it astun for buyers to tackle the rapid changes of the current market.

Gauge :

  • 7G, 9G, 12G, 14G,16G Multi-gauge and 5.7G Multi-guage.

Maching Knitting Width :

  • 52 inch

Knitting Speed :

  • Controlled by servo motor width 36 sections speed optional, max speed reach 1.2m/s, servo motor use the precise back award control and link up the high speed operation ability of digital signal processor (DSP), which control IGBT to produce the accurate of electric current.

Knitting system :

  • Single carriage with single systems

Knitting function :

  • Transfer, truck, pointelle, intarsia, jacquard, evidence shaping, concealed shaping and other regular or irregular patterns.

Neilsbed shift :

  • AC stave motor is adopted for the control, which moves the needles in a scope of 1 inches, accompained by precise fine tune functions.

Detect alarm system :

  • The safety alarm detect device, achieve to up down and left-right swing function, which surmount the normal flat knitting machine with detect simply left-right swing only great increase the detect protect function.

Encoder :

  • Advanced coder adopted.

Transfer function :

  • Can transfer needles from front to back and back to front together.

Winding Density :

  • Step motor control, 36 segment density selection, fine differentiation technology is adopted, adjustable range:0"640, which precisely control the length of the fabrics.

Take down roller :

  • Programmed instruction, controlled by step motor, changeable pull power width 32 levels and adjust scope:0-100.

Yarn feeder :

  • 2 X 6 yarn carriers on both side of 3 guide rails, shiftable on any position.

Protection system :

  • The machine will automatically alarm if yarn-breaking, spin, floating yarn, rewind, end of knitting,fail of tracking, needle crash,error, programming occur etc, automatism give an alarm, also set up the safety auto-lock protect device.

Controlling system :

  • Screen display Adopt 7 inch LCD industrial screen which can be done by Key-press and touch, figure interface, input device depend on USB or internet, can input a large of design files, which can be fetched out for use at any time as per production requiremenrts.
  • Monitoring menu:Each kind of operating paramenter can be showed by chinese ,English and Arabic Language.
  • Design system and control software are visual and aesy to understand and upgradee.

Power :

  • Single-phase 220V and triple -phase 380v, adopts advanced CMOS technology, having, memorizing function at power-off moment.

Volume and weight :

  • length x width x height : 2500x850x190mm, net weight : 850kg.
Product Samples
Dayu Flat Knitting Machines design 1
Dayu Flat Knitting Machines design 2
Dayu Flat Knitting Machines design 3