Multi-function Needle Transfer Collar Knitting Machine

Knitting Machines

This machine adopts computer program control, mainly applies with the material of cotton, silk wool, polyester fiber, blending etc realize auto knit of woolen sweater and cloth annex.

This machine has many functions,such as auto six yarn change ,auto adjust fabric stitch ,auto control high and low foot knitting needle to knit ,auto needle bed movement,auto roll drag and pull ,auto count pieces ,thik knot auto stop ,yarn broken auto stop etc.

By different material and working width ,you can select free speed adjustment when knit,because the transmission mode of the machine adopts synchronous belt back and from movement ,you can adjust the carriage back and forth stroke according to the width of the knitted fabric.

According to the different arrangement of the knitting needle,we can knit regular jacquard fabrics, sweater cloth and other fabric etc ,such as square,straight stripe, double rib(often called star-stubbed sky). The machine with a high turn, low over, all over function ,and can do a variety of pick-hole lead Salisbury, at the end face-off ,face off at the end and do all kinds of rules jacquard ,suitable for high quality woolen factory annex to the regulations,and garment factory various jacquard collar yarn.

Maching Knitting Width :

  • 52 inch

Machine Number (needle pitch):

  • 7G, 12G, 14G, 16G

Weaving Speed :

  • VAriable frequancy speed control, arbitrary adjustment, the maximum is 1.2m/sec.

Drive Motor Power :

  • 550W

Needle Bar Travel Distance :

  • 3 needle pitchs on the left and right, and the maximum sliding distance is up to 6 needles pitches.

Density Regulation :

  • Step motor 150-grade trimming .eight sets of stitches.

Knitting Needle Category :

  • Steel leather low kind knitting needles; lower section high and low types of pins .

Transmission Mode :

  • Synchronous belt reciprocasting motion, any adjustment of woven spans.

Control Modes :

  • Controlled by computer procedures and liquid crystal display.

Overall Dimension :

  • 52inch:2300X850X1620.

Machine Weight :

  • 52inch:420KGS
Product Samples
Needle Transfer Collar sample 1
Needle Transfer Collar sample 2
Needle Transfer Collar sample 3
Needle Transfer Collar sample 4
Needle Transfer Collar sample 5
Needle Transfer Collar sample 6