WSD Series Ultrasonic Lace Machine

Other Textile Machines

Model Working Power Supply Output Frequency Working Frequency Effective Breadth Equipped Pattern Mould Working Speed Packing Size
WSD-50B 220+5V 50Hz 1500 20KHz 0-50mm 23mm-50mm 0-8m/min 133mm x 600m x 1260mm
WSD-100B 220+5V 50Hz-60Hz 1500 20KHz 50-100mm 50mm-100mm 0-8m/min 133mm x 600m x 1260mm
WSD-150B 220+5V 60Hz 1500 20KHz 100-150mm 100mm-150mm 0-8m/min 133mm x 600m x 1260mm

The operations of side scraping and trimming :

  • The side scrap in one side and side melting can be carried out at the same time. It makes the side smooth, no roughness and no coarse side.

Make Holes :

  • The holes with different patterns can be cut and the treatment of side melting can be carried out too.

Transfer Printing :

  • Two layers or multi-layers can be melted together. It is not necessary to use thread and needle. This process can replace sewing. Moreover the melted strength is excellent.

Cut Material :

  • This machine can cut material for single piece or many pieces at one time. Moreover it can carry out the treatment of side melting. There is no coarse side.

Forming :

  • Press the pattern wheel. At one time the process of cutting, hole breaking and patter printing can be carried out.
Product Samples
Lace Machines sample 1
Lace Machines sample 2
Lace Machines sample 3